bridging music beyond boundaries

Bridging Music Beyond Boundaries
A revolutionary music platform synonymous with the unrivalled art of craftmanship.  Every piece of our playlist design is manufactured with our fullest commitment, engineered to fit perfectly to awaken your senses and rejuvenate your soul.

Your discerning choice of sound is our responsibility.....
Where noises became your sense of belonging....

Let us help you to create your emotional concept out of sound that anchors your brand, making it an enticing range alluring to your choice of demographics.


The only PROFESSIONAL PLAYLIST DESIGN SOLUTION developed to address the limitations of using conventional CD players, PCs and even streaming players in premises or outlets.  When it comes to music, we simply CARE
-Music tailored to your brand, dedicated to you, your customers and your crew
-Sign up and our player will be at your outlet
-Even volume leveling for all songs and gapless play
-Compliance to local culture, censorship and content sensitivity abide to local standard

-Support Internet (LAN, Wifi), auto and manual update
-Compatible with your existing sound system
-Install our AK Player anywhere near your amplifier (light weight, small in size)


-Able to run 24/7
-Designed for efficient heat dissipation

-Hassle free remote update via Internet
-Negligible bandwidth usage
-Local storage for reliable music playback even without network connection
-Ultra low downtime: one to one player swap in the event of faulty player ensures that your business comes first
-Web monitoring system for playlog viewing and reporting to music authorities

Music Direction Assessment
A careful understanding of your intended music selection evokes not just the literal genre, but also into the kind of sound and tempo of your requirement, bringing out an accurate music programming that suits your purpose.
Compassionate Assistance
Admitting the fact that each organisation has different infrastrcture set up and policies ranges from sound system, internet networking, culture and budgets, our team always extends our hands beyond our scope to assist for the good of having legal music at your premises/outlets.
Lending Ideas
Music being a subjective and personal element to many.  We are delighted to lend you our advice on the outcome that may occur on the music being played.  There's no one right music, good playlist design is about blending a good concoctions of music.
75% of our clients switched over from other providers, whether local or international
Existing clients are having a peace of mind on our service.
Contact Us If You Want To Know Why :)

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